Program Notes Available on Short Notice - Composers K-N

If you are seeking something that you don’t see listed, please ask.  I do not update this list daily and it is possible that the item you’re seeking I’ve written quite recently.  If not, I have many resources at hand and can produce almost anything promptly, particularly if it is an unlisted work by a composer for whom I’ve written other notes.  

For operas, I can provide synopses as well as program notes.  For lieder and choral works, I can often provide texts in the original language and English translation, more readily for Germanic and Romance languages than for Slavic or Oriental languages. However, lately, I’ve been typing a lot of Czech, so that language is less problematic than it was formerly.

The best way to find a composer's name on this page quickly is with the Edit - Find On This Page option that is almost certainly in your tool bar.  Lacking that link, using Control-F should achieve the same goal.

K:  (23 notes)
Dmitri Kabalevsky:  Violin Concerto in C, op. 48
Dmitri Kabalevsky:  The Comedians
Dmitri Kabalevsky:  Colas Breugnon overture
Daniel Kellogg:  Mozart’s Hymn
Daniel Kellogg:  Rush
Jerome Kern:  Mark Twain:  Portrait for Orchestra
Jerome Kern:  Showboat
Aaron Jay Kernis:  Musica celestis
Aram Khachaturian:  Piano Concerto
Aram Khachaturian:  Gayne – ballet 
Aram Khachaturian:  Spartacus – ballet 
Aram Khachaturian:  Trio for violin, clarinet, and piano
Camp Kirkland:  Armed Forces Salute (arranger) 
Zoltán Kodály:  (many listings – see below)
Charles Koechlin:  Trois Pièces, op. 34b
Charles Koechlin:  Bassoon Sonata, op. 71
Erich Korngold:  (many listings – see below)
Igor Korneitchouk:  Tintinnabulation
Nikita Koshkin:  Usher Waltz, op. 29
Hans Krása:  Brundibár – opera 
Fritz Kreisler:  encore pieces
Ernst Krenek:  concertino, op. 27
Franz Krommer:  Two-Clarinet Concerto in E-flat, op. 35
Friedrich Kuhlau:  Flute Quintet no. 2 in E major, op. 51, no. 2
Robert Kurka:  The Good Soldier Schweik Suite

Zoltán Kodály:  (9 notes)
    Dances of Galanta
    Duo for violin and cello, op. 7
    Hary Janos
    Marosszek Dances
    Serenade, op. 12 – for two violins & viola
    Sonata for solo cello, op. 8
    Summer Evening (Nyári este)
    Terzetto in E-flat
    Variations on a Hungarian Folk Song “The Peacock”

Erich Korngold:  (7 notes)
    The Adventures of Robin Hood – film music
    Violin Concerto
    Much Ado About Nothing
    The Sea Wolf – film music 
            String Sextet in D, op. 10
    Suite for two violins, cello and piano left-hand, op. 23
    Die tőte Stadt – opera

L: (38 notes)
Franz Lachner:  Octet in B-flat for winds
Lori Laitman:  One Bee and Revery – song cycle 
Lori Laitman:  Four Dickinson Songs
Lori Laitman:  The Scarlet Letter – opera 
Lori Laitman:  “Sleep, Little Child” – song 
Edouard Lalo:  Piano Trio no. 1 in c minor, op. 7
Edouard Lalo:  Symphonie espagnole, op. 21
Constant Lambert:  Mr. Bear Squash-You-All-Flat
Joseph Lanner:  Dampf Walzer, op. 94 (Steam)
Joseph Lanner:  Die Mozartisten, op. 196
Joseph Lanner:  Die Werber Waltz, op. 103 (The Suitors)
Libby Larsen:  Sonnets from the Portuguese
Lars-Erik Larsson: Hon Concertino, op. 45, no. 5
Jean-Marie Leclair:  Deuxieme recreation de musique d'une execution facile
Jean-Marie Leclair:  Glaucus and Scylla Suite
Ernesto Lecuona:  Andalucia Suite – Malaguena
Franz Lehar:  The Land of Smiles – “Dein ist mein ganzes Herz”
Franz Lehar:  The Merry Widow – operetta
Franz Lehar:  Schön ist die Welt – operetta
Mitch Leigh:  Man of La Mancha – musical theater 
Rugierro Leoncavallo – I Pagliacci – opera 
Anatol Liadov:  Baba Yaga
Anatol Liadov:  The Enchanted Lake
Anatol Liadov:  Kikimora
Peter Lieberson:  Neruda Songs
Győrgy Ligeti:  Atmospheres
Győrgy Ligeti:  Six Bagatelles for wind quintet
Győrgy Ligeti: Concert Romanesc
Győrgy Ligeti:  Lontano
Christian Lindberg:  Kundraan’s Karma
Franz Liszt:  (many listings – see below)
Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Phantom of the Opera - medley by Calvin Custer
Pietro Locatelli:  Concerto grosso in f, op. 1, no. 8, “Christmas”
Pietro Locatelli:  Introduzione teatrale, op. 4, no. 4
Charles Martin Loeffler:  Music for Four Stringed Instruments
Charles Martin Loeffler:  String Quartet in a minor
Charles Martin Loeffler:  Two Rhapsodies
Jimmy López:  Fiesta
Jean-Baptiste Lully:  L’amour médecín – theater music 
Witold Lutoslawski:  (many listings – see below)

Franz Liszt: (27 notes)
    Ballade no. 2 in b
    La campanella – grand etude de Paganini
    Piano Concerto no. 1 in E-flat
    Piano Concerto no. 2 in A
    Concerto Pathetique
    Funérailles, from Harmonies poétiques et religieuses
    La lugubre gondola (Funeral Gondola)
    Paraphrase on Rigoletto
    Three Petrarch Sonnets
    Les Preludes (Symphonic Poem no. 3)
    Mephisto Waltz no. 1
    Hungarian Rhapsodies
    Reminiscences of Don Juan
    Piano Sonata in b minor
    Sonnambula Fantasy
    A Faust Symphony
    Transcendental Etudes
    transcriptions of Schubert songs
    transcription of “Abendstern” from Wagner’s Tannhäuser 
    transcription of Wagner’s Tannhäuser Overture
            Valse Impromptu in A-flat
    Weihnachtsbaum (Christmas Tree)
    Years of Pilgrimage:  Volume One  – Switzerland
    Years of Pilgrimage:  Volume Two – Italy
    Years of Pilgrimage:  Volume Three – Italy 

Witold Lutoslawski: (5 notes)
    Concerto for Orchestra
    Dance Preludes (Preludia taneczne)
    Postludium no. 1
    Symphony no. 4
    Variations on a Theme of Paganini

M: (37 notes)
Edward MacDowell:  (many listings – see below)
James MacMillan:  After the Tryst
James MacMillan:  Strathclyde Motets
James MacMillan:  Veni, veni, Emanuel
Gustav Mahler:  (many listings – see separate page)
Marin Marais:  La Sonnerie de Ste. Geneviève du Mont de Paris
Alessandro Marcello:  Oboe Concerto in d minor
Wynton Marsalis:  Swing Symphony
Frank Martin:  Ballade for Trombone and Orchestra
Frank Martin:   Concerto for Winds, Timpani, Percussion and Strings 
Frank Martin:  Petite Symphonie Concertante
Bohuslav Martinů:  (many listings – see separate page)
Pietro Mascagni:  Cavalleria rusticana – Intermezzo
Pietro Mascagni:  Cavalleria rusticana – opera
Pietro Mascagni:  L’Amico Fritz – opera  
Jules Massenet:  (many listings – see below)
Peter Maxwell Davies:  Orkney Wedding with Sunrise
Peter Maxwell Davies:  Strathclyde Concerto no. 9
Missy Mazzolli:  Violent, Violent Sea
Cindy McTee:  Timepiece
Richard Meale:  Scenes from Mer de glace
Nicolai Medtner:  Piano Concerto no. 2 in c, op. 50
Felix Mendelssohn:  (many listings – see separate page)
Gian-Carlo Menotti:  Amahl and the Night Visitors – opera 
Gian-Carlo Menotti:  The Saint of Bleecker Street – opera
Olivier Messien:  (many listings – see below)
Edgar Meyer:  Triple Concerto
Edgar Meyer:  Trio no. 1 for Violin, Cello, and double-bass
Darius Milhaud:  (many listings - see below)
EJ Moeran:  In the Mountain Country
Federico Mompou:  Suite compostelana
Jose Pablo Moncayo:  Huapango
Claudio Monteverdi:  The Coronation of Poppea – opera 
Jean-Joseph Mouret:  Suite de Symphonies no. 1 – Fanfare Rondeau
Douglas Moore:  The Ballad of Baby Doe – opera
Thomas Morley - Now is the Month of Maying – madrigal
Franz Xaver Mozart:  Violin Sonata no. 1 in B-flat major, op. 7
Leopold Mozart:  A Musical Sleigh Ride
Leopold Mozart:  Sinfonia di caccia
Leopold Mozart:  Sinfonia Pastorale
Leopold Mozart:  Toy Symphony
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: (many listings – see separate page)
Nico Muhly:  Far Away Songs
David Mullikin:  Le Château Gélé
Robert Muczynski:  Fantasy Trio for clarinet, cello, and piano, op. 26
Modest Mussorgsky (many listings – see below)

Edward MacDowell (5 notes)
    Piano Concerto no. 2 in d, op. 23
    Fireside Tales, op. 61
    New England Sketches, op. 62
    Sea Pieces, op. 55
    Woodland Sketches, op. 51

Jules Massenet:  (7 notes)
    Cendrillon – opera
    Elegie, op. 10
    Manon – opera 
    Meditation from Thais
    Orchestral Suite no. 5, “Scènes napolitaines”
    Orchestral Suite no. 7, “Scènes alsaciennes”
    Werther – opera 

Olivier Messaien:  (4 notes)
    L’Ascension – four symphonic meditations
    Quartet for the End of Time
    Turangalîla Symphony
    Vingt Regards sur l’enfant Jésus

Darius Milhaud: (5 notes)
              La Chemineé du Roi René, op. 205, for wind quintet
              La Creation du Monde
              Le Boeuf sur le toit, op. 58 (The Bull on the Roof)
              Scaramouche, op. 165b
              Trio for clarinet, violin, and piano

Modest Mussorgsky:  (6 notes)
    Boris Godunov – opera
    Boris Godunov – coronation scene
    Dawn on the Moskva River, from Khovanshchina
    Night on Bald Mountain
    Pictures at an Exhibition – Ravel’s transcription
    Pictures at an Exhibition – original piano score 

N: (9 notes)
Óscar Navarro:  Second Concerto for clarinet and symphony orchestra
Ernesto Nazareth:  tangos
Neapolitan Songs
Jan Neruda:  Trumpet Concerto in E-flat
Franz Christoph Neubauer:  Sinfonie, op. 11 “La Bataille”
Maria Newman:  Pennipotenti (trio for flute, violin, and viola)
Otto Nicolai:  Kirchliche Fest-Ouverture, op. 31 (Sacred Festival Overture)
Otto Nicolai:  The Merry Wives of Windsor Overture
Carl Nielsen:  (many listings – see below)
John Novacek:  Four Rags for Three Jons

Carl Nielsen:  (12 notes)
    Aladdin suite
    Clarinet Concerto
    Flute Concerto
    Violin Concerto
    Helios Overture
    Maskarade Overture
    Wind Quintet
    Little Suite for Strings, op. 1
    Symphony no. 1
    Symphony no. 2, op. 16, “Four Temperaments”
    Symphony no. 3, op. 27, “Sinfonia espansiva”
    Symphony no. 4, op. 29, “The Inextinguishable”