Program notes are essays about classical composers and their works, 
how those works came to be the way they are, and how one can most 
readily enjoy and understand the music.  I have been writing program 
notes for about twenty years, drawing upon two decades of experience 
as a classical radio announcer, pre-concert/pre-opera speaker,  author 
of four books on classical music, and a university professor of music.  

My current clients include Encyclopedia Britannica, Opera Colorado,  the Colorado Symphony, Mainly Mozart of San Diego, the Huntsville Symphony, 
and the Cleveland Orchestra Blossom Festival.

At this writing, my program note files contain over 2800 compositions, 
ranging from the Renaissance to newly commissioned works.  I regularly 
write new notes and have a large research library, so if you don't see 
the one you need listed, please ask anyway.  I may have written it lately.

I have not posted them all here, as that would be an incredible number of files.  Moreover, putting the entire internet world on the honor system would be impractical.  However, there are samples of my work and a complete list of everything currently in my files.   Even those not in the market to purchase program notes will likely find the list useful for confirming keys, opus numbers, and other data.

Current and recent students of the Aspen Music School can inquire about special discounted rates for use of my notes

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Betsy Schwarm

betsy.schwarm@earthlink.net or schwarm@msudenver.edu