I have published eight collections of program notes, complete with backgrounds of the          composers and the times in which their works were created, as well as listening observations/advice about the works themselves.  There is also a short (84 page,
and priced accordingly) general overview that, along with new sample articles, 
references which works and composers appear in which books.  These are:

Classical Music Insights:  Understanding and Enjoying Great Music (2011)
Operatic Insights:  Understanding and Enjoying Great Music for the Stage (2012)
More Classical Music Insights:  From Mozart to Muhly and More (2013)
- Classical Music Insights:  If All Else Fails, Play Mozart (2014)
Classical Music Insights: Getting to Know Ludwig (2015)
Classical Music Insights: A Star-Spangled Survey (2016)
Classical Music Insights: Bach and Beyond (2017)
- Seasonal Music Insights: Vivaldi and Much More (2018)
Classical Music Insights:  Overview and Introduction (2018) 

Each is available in paperback and also e-book form on Amazon.  


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The cover art for the first book, appearing above, was crafted for me by graphic artist 
Wayne Rigsby of Gearbox Creative; Wayne has also done the covers for my other books.

If you would like to preview a table of contents for any of the books, please drop me 
an e-mail.  You'll find an address under Contact Me.