Program Notes Available on Short Notice - Composers G-J

If you are seeking something that you don’t see listed, please ask.  I do not update this list daily and it is possible that the item you’re seeking I’ve written quite recently.  If not, I have many resources at hand and can produce almost anything promptly, particularly if it is an unlisted work by a composer for whom I’ve written other notes.  

For operas, I can provide synopses as well as program notes.  For lieder and choral works, I can often provide texts in the original language and English translation, more readily for Germanic and Romance languages than for Slavic or Oriental languages. However, lately, I’ve been typing a lot of Czech, so that language is less problematic than it was formerly.

The best way to find a composer's name on this page quickly is with the Edit - Find On This Page option that is almost certainly in your tool bar.  Lacking that link, using Control-F should achieve the same goal.

G: (35 notes)
    Pierre Gabaye:  Sonatine for flute and bassoon
    Giovanni Gabrieli:  Canzone
    Francesco Geminiani:  Violin Sonatas, op. 4
    George Gershwin:  (many listings – see separate page)
    Alberto Ginastera:  (many listings – see below)
    Umberto Giordano: Andrea Chenier – opera 
    Philip Glass:  (many listings – see below)
    Peggy Glanville-Hicks:  Etruscan Concerto
    Alexander Glazunov:  (many listings – see below)
    Reinhold Gliere:  Concerto for Coloratura Soprano, op. 82
    Reinhold Gliere:  Harp Concerto in E-flat, op. 74
    Reinhold Gliere:  Horn Concerto, op. 91
    Reinhold Gliere:  The Red Poppy – Russian Sailor’s Dance
    Mikhail Glinka:  Kamarinskaya – Fantasy on Two Russian Folksongs
    Mikhail Glinka:  Ruslan and Ludmila – opera
    Mikhail Glinka:  Spanish Overture no. 1 – Capriccio brillante on the Jota Aragonese
    Christoph Willibald Gluck:  Dance of the Blessed Spirits
    Christoph Willibald Gluck:  Orfeo ed Euridice – opera 
    Benjamin Godard:  Suite de trois morceaux, op. 116
    Jerry Goldsmith:  Patton – film score 
    Henryk Gorecki:  Symphony no. 3
    Louis Moreau Gottschalk:  Symphony “In the Tropics”
    Louis Moreau Gottschalk:  The Union
    Morton Gould:  (many listings – see below)
    Charles Gounod:  (many listings – see below)
    Percy Grainger:  (many listings – see below)
    Enrique Granados:  Coleccion de Tonadillas
    Enrique Granados:  The Maiden and the Nightingale, from Goyescas
    Enrique Granados:  Spanish Dances
    Jay Greenberg:  Symphony no. 5
    Jonny Greenwood:  There Will Be Blood – orchestral suite 
    Edward Gregson:  Trumpet Concerto
    André Grétry:  Andromaque overture
    Edvard Grieg:  (many listings – see below)
    Charles Griffes:  Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan
    Charles Griffes:  Poem
    Charles Griffes:  Three Tone Pictures
    Charles Griffes:  Roman Sketches
    Ferde Grofe:  Grand Canyon Suite
    Ferde Grofe:  Mississippi Suite
    Camargo Guarnieri:  Dansa brasileira
    Camargo Guarnieri:  Cello Sonata no. 1 

George Gershwin: (14 notes - see separate page)

Alberto Ginastera:  (8 notes)
    Harp Concerto
    Piano Concerto no. 1, op. 28
    Dansas Argentinas
    Estancia – ballet 
    Impresiones de la Puna
    Piano Sonata no. 1, op. 22
    Suite de Danzas Criollas
    Variaciones Concertantes

Philip Glass: (14 notes)
    La Belle et la Bête overture
    Concerto for Saxophone Quartet
            Descent into the Maelstrom
    Double Concerto for violin, cello, and orchestra
    Violin Concerto
    Second Violin Concerto
    Concerto Fantasy for Two Timpanists and Orchestra
    Concerto Grosso
    Einstein on the Beach – opera 
    Einstein on the Beach – Knee Play 2
    The Hours – film music 
    String Quartet no. 2 “Company”
    Satyagraha – opera
    Symphony no. 7 “A Toltec Symphony”

Alexander Glazunov:  (5 notes)
    Saxophone Concerto in E-flat, op. 109
    Violin Concerto in a minor
    Saxophone Quartet in E-flat, op. 109
    String Quintet in A, op. 39
    The Seasons – ballet

Osvaldo Golijov:  (6 notes)
    Ainadamar – opera 
    Azul – cello concerto
    Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind
    Koholet for string quartet 
    Last Round

Morton Gould:  (5 notes)
    American Ballads
    American Salute
    American Symphonette no. 2
    Spirituals for Orchestra (1941)
    Spirituals for Strings (1961)

Charles Gounod:  (6 notes)
    Ave Maria (after Bach)
    Faust – opera
    Funeral March of a Marionette
    Romeo and Juliet – opera
    Petite symphonie
    St. Cecilia Mass

Percy Grainger:  (7 notes)
    Colonial Song
    Gum-Suckers March
    Hill Song no. 2
    Irish Tune from County Derry
    Lincolnshire Posy
    Molly on the Shore
    Shepherd’s Hey

Edvard Grieg:  (12 notes)
    Piano Concerto in a minor
    Two Elegiac Pieces, op. 34
    Heart’s Melodies (songs), op. 5 (Hjertets melodier)
    Heart’s Wounds, op. 34, no. 1 (from Two Elegiac Pieces)
    Holberg Suite
    Last Spring, op. 34, no. 2 (from Two Elegiac Pieces)
    Lyric Pieces for solo piano (op 43, 47, 54, 57, 62, 65, 68, 71)
    Peer Gynt
    Norwegian Dances, op. 35
    Violin Sonata no. 3
    Symphonic Dances
    Wedding Day at Troldhaugen (Lyric Piece, op. 65, no. 6)

H:  (38 notes)
    Pavel Haas:  String Quartet no. 2, op. 7, “From the Monkey Mountains”
    Reynaldo Hahn:  La Venezia – song cycle
    Johann Halvorsen: Passacaglia on a Theme by Handel in g minor
    Philip Hammond:  Carolan Variations
    George Friderich Handel:  (many listings – see separate page)
    Howard Hanson:  (many listings – see below)
    John Harbison:  The Great Gatsby – opera 
   Arthur Harris:  A Medley of Well-Known Carols
    Roy Harris:  Symphony no. 4, “Folk Song Symphony”
    Sir Hamilton Harty:  In Ireland
    Sir Hamilton Harty:  An Irish Symphony
    Johann Adolph Hasse:  Antonio e Cleopatra – aria “Morte con fiero aspetto” 
    Franz Joseph Haydn:  (many listings – see separate page)
    Michael Haydn:  Quartet in C, op. 115, for English horn, violin, cello, and bass
    Jake Heggie:  Dead Man Walking – opera 
    Jake Heggie:  Moby Dick – opera 
    Jake Heggie:  Three Decembers – opera 
    Peter Heidrich:  Happy Birthday Variations
    Victor Herbert:  Cello Concerto no. 1 in D, op. 8
    Victor Herbert:  Cello Concerto no. 2 in e minor, op. 30
    Victor Herbert:  Babes in Toyland operetta 
    Bernard Herrmann:  Psycho – film music
    Johann Wilhelm Hertel:  Concerto in E-flat for oboe and trumpet
    Richard Heuberger:  Der Opernball – operetta 
    Jennifer Higdon:  (many listings – see below)
    Hildegard of Bingen:  Columba aspexit
    Bill Hill:  The Raven
    Bill Hill:  Symphony no. 3
    Paul Hindemith:  (many listings – see separate page)
    ETA Hoffmann:  Arlequin – ballet suite 
    Arthur Honegger:  Pacific 231 – Mouvement symphonique no. 1
    Arthur Honegger:  Pastorale d’ete (Summer Pastorale)
    Arthur Honegger: Rugby
    Arthur Honegger:  Symphony no. 4 “Delicias Basilienses” (Basel Delights)
       Peter Hope:  Four Sketches for oboe, bassoon, and piano
    James Horner:  Titanic – film music 
    Joseph Horovitz:  Euphonium Concerto
    Toshio Hosakawa:  Vertical Time Study III
    Stephen Hough:  Missa Mirabilis
    Herbert Howells:  Requiem
    Johann Nepomuk Hummel:  (many listings – see below)
    Englebert Humperdinck:  Hansel and Gretel – opera
    Karel Husa:  Music for Prague

George Friderich Handel: (28 notes – see separate page)

Howard Hanson: (12 notes)
   Piano Concerto in G, op. 36
   Merry Mount – opera
   Pastorale for oboe, harp, and strings, op. 38
   Rhythmic Variations on Two Ancient Hymns
   Serenade, op. 35
   Symphony no. 1, “Nordic”
   Symphony no. 2, “Romantic”
   Symphony no. 3
   Symphony no. 4, op. 35, “Requiem”
   Symphony no. 5, op. 43, “Sinfonia Sacra”
   Symphony no. 6
   Symphony no. 7, “A Sea Symphony”

Franz Joseph Haydn: (174 notes – see separate page)

Jennifer Higdon:  (5 notes)
    blue cathedral
    Concerto for Orchestra
    Percussion Concerto

Paul Hindemith:  (16 notes – see separate page)

Gustav Holst:  (5 notes)
    The Planets
    First Suite in E-flat for Military Band, op. 28, no. 1
    Second Suite in F for Military Band, op. 28, no. 2
    St. Paul’s Suite

Alan Hovhaness:  (6 notes)
    And God Created Great Whales, op. 229, no. 1
    Magnificat, op. 157
    Mountains and Rivers without End
    Symphony no. 2, “Mysterious Mountain”
    Symphony no. 15, op. 199, “Silver Pilgrimage”
    Symphony no. 50, “Mt. St. Helens”

Johann Nepomuk Hummel:  (7 notes)
    Bassoon Concerto in F major
    Trumpet Concerto in E-flat major
    Fantasina in C major on “Non piu andrai,” op. 124
    Clarinet Quartet in E-flat
    Piano Quintet in e-flat minor, op. 87
    Piano sonatas
    Piano Trio no. 5 in E major, op. 83

I: (6 notes)
    Jacques Ibert:  Concertino da Camera
    Jacques Ibert:  Flute Concerto
    Jacques Ibert:  Divertissement
    Jacques Ibert:  Escales (Ports of Call)
    Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov:  Caucasian Sketches, op. 10
    John Ireland:  Concertino Pastorale
    Charles Ives:  (many listings – see below)

Charles Ives: (12 notes)
    Central Park in the Dark
    Orchestral Set no. 1:  Three Places in New England
   Orchestral Set no. 2
    Four Ragtime Pieces
    New England Holidays
    Piano Sonata no. 2, "Concord, Mass., 1840-60"
    Symphony no. 2
    Symphony no. 3, “The Camp Meeting”
    Symphony no. 4
    Three Places in New England
    The Unanswered Question
    Variations on America

J:  (10 notes)    
    Gordon Jacob:  Concerto for horn and strings
    Gordon Jacob:  Divertimento for eight winds
    Gordon Jacob:  Suite for trombone quartet
     Leoš Janáček:  (many listings – see separate page)
    Karl Jenkins:  Palladio
    Karl Jenkins:  Stella Natalis
    Jiri Jaroch:  Detska Suite
    Maurice Jarre:  Lawrence of Arabia – film music 
    Lee Johnson:  “Dead” Symphony no. 6 (after the Grateful Dead)
    Lee Johnson:  Symphony no. 8 “The Spheres 3.6.9”
    Josquin Desprez:  Ave Maria