Superstars:  Dvořák, Elgar, and Gershwin

Antonín Dvořák:  (55 notes)
    American Suite, op. 98b
    Bagatelles, op. 47
    Biblical Songs, op. 99
    Carnival Overture, op. 92
    Cello Concerto in b minor, op. 104
    Piano Concerto in g minor, op. 33
    Violin Concerto in a minor, op. 53
    Czech Suite
    The Golden Spinning Wheel, op. 109
    Gypsy Melodies, op. 55
    My Home overture, op. 62
    Hussite Overture, op. 67 (Husitská)
    In Nature’s Realm Overture, op. 91
    Legends, op. 59
    Miniatures, op. 75a
    Moravian Duets
    Nocturne in B major, op. 40
    The Noon Witch, op. 108
    Othello Overture, op. 93
    Piano Quartet no. 2 in E-flat major, op. 87 
    String Quartet no. 8 in E major, Op. 80
    String Quartet no. 9 in d minor, op. 34
    String Quartet no. 10 in E-flat, op. 51
    String Quartet no. 11 in C major, op. 61
    String Quartet no 12 in F major, op. 96
    String Quartet no. 13 in G major, op. 106
    String Quartet no. 14 in A-flat major, op. 105
    Piano Quintet in A major, op. 5
    Piano Quintet in A major, op. 81
    String Quintet in E-flat major, op. 97
    Violin Romance in f minor, op. 11
    Four Romantic Pieces
    Rusalka – opera 
    Scherzo Capriccioso, op. 66
    Serenade for Strings, op. 22
    Serenade for Winds, op. 44
    String Sextet in A, op. 48
    Slavonic Dances, op. 46 and op. 72
    Slavonic Dance in g minor, op. 46 no. 8
    Sonatina in G, op. 100
    Suite in A, op. 98 & op. 98b
    Symphony no. 1 in c, op. 3, “The Bells of Zlonice”
    Symphony no. 2 in B-flat, op. 4
    Symphony no. 3 in Eb, op. 10
    Symphony no. 4 in d, op. 13
    Symphony no. 5 in F, op. 76
    Symphony no. 6 in D, op. 60
    Symphony no. 7 in d minor, op. 70
    Symphony no. 8 in G, op. 88
    Symphony no. 9 in e minor, op. 95, "From the New World"
    Terzetto in C for two violins and viola, op. 74   
    Piano Trio in g minor, op. 26
    Piano Trio in f minor, op. 65
    Piano Trio in e minor, op. 90 "Dumky"
    The Wood Dove, op. 110

Sir Edward Elgar: (19 notes)
   Chanson de nuit, op. 10, no. 1
         Chanson de matin, op. 10, no. 2
   Cockaigne Overture, op. 40
   Cello Concerto in e minor, op. 85
   Violin Concerto in b minor, op. 61
   Coronation Ode, op. 44
   Enigma Variations, op. 36
   Falstaff, op. 68
   Fantasia and Fugue in c, op. 86 – 
                     after JS Bach’s BWV 537
   Froissart Overture, op. 19
   Introduction and Allegro, op. 47
   Pomp and Circumstance Marches, op. 39, no. 1-5
   Piano Quintet in a, op. 84
   Salut d’amour, op. 12
   Serenade in e minor, op. 20
   Sospiri, op. 70
   In the South, op. 50
   Symphony no. 1 in A-flat, op. 55
          Symphony no. 2 in E-flat, op. 63
   The Wand of Youth suites, op. 1a & 1b

George Gershwin: (14 notes)
   An American in Paris
   An American in Paris – two-piano version 
   Catfish Row
   Piano Concerto in F
   Cuban Overture
   Lullaby for string quartet
   Of Thee I Sing – overture 
   Porgy and Bess – opera
           Porgy and Bess Symphonic Picture – 
                   arranged by Robert Russell Bennett
            Porgy and Bess concert suite – 
                    arranged by Andrew Litton
   Three Preludes
   Rhapsody in Blue
            Variations on “I Got Rhythm”
            Walking the Dog